Our Pharmacy

Dedrick’s Pharmacy is your full service independent pharmacy serving New Paltz for over 50 years. Our greatest pride is our exceptional level of customer care and service. Our commitment is to the local community.

When people choose Dedrick’s Pharmacy they become part of the Dedrick’s family. The Dedrick’s staff has a passion for customer care that transcends most expectations. As an independent pharmacy we know that our customers must always come first, and we work hard every day to make that our promise to you!

Contact us today to arrange a no-cost Wellness Consultation to review all of your medicines and supplements and learn how we can help you improve your health outcomes. Your privacy matters to us – click here to view our Privacy Practices. We are your partner in better health!

New pharmacy customers: please download Dedrick’s Patient Intake Form, print, complete and bring into the pharmacy on your next visit.

Pharmacy Services

We fill prescriptions accurately, efficiently and fast so you can get to the other important things on your list.

There may be times when you just can’t make it into Dedrick’s — so let us come to you. We deliver to your home or business. Check with Dedrick’s for home delivery availability.

As much as we enjoy seeing you, we can coordinate all of your prescriptions into one monthly pick-up. Not only is this convenient but it also helps patients take their medications on-time.

Refill your prescriptions online or using our app for a fast, convenient and easy way to make sure you never run out of important medications. Create an account and see your drug history and available refills!

We’ll work with your doctor’s office and insurance to ensure you are getting the medications you need.

We’ll help you understand your coverage and save money through recommendations for optimizing Medicare Part D plans, generic medication options, co-pay assistance from pharmaceutical companies and formulary alignment.

We provide healthcare products at everyday low prices — house brand over-the-counter medications and healthcare products offer the best value around.

It’s not just about taking your meds. It’s about taking them effectively. Our Dedrick’s pharmacists can help you get more out of your medications with free medication reviews. This valuable service is offered at no charge to our patients. Request a Wellness Consultation today!

Dedrick’s can ensure your immunizations are up-to-date. We offer a wide range of safe, convenient and affordable vaccines including Flu, Shingles, Pneumococcal, Whooping Cough and more. Check with Dedrick’s for vaccine availability.

Dedrick’s is your diabetes management destination, offering many helpful products including test strips, glucose monitors, lancets, vitamins, medications, foot care and more, plus the knowledge you need to manage your condition.

Dan Gives Vaccination

Pharmacy Products

We offer an extensive line of high quality products for your health and medical needs. We provide a comprehensive line of products and excellent value on everything we sell. You’ll find your favorite name brand products and quality house brands at great prices.

otc infant
otc lotions
Natures Truth Oils
  • Vitamins & Supplements: nutritional support; mineral supplements; vitamins & multi-vitamins
  • Over-the-Counter (OTC): cold & flu remedies, sinus and allergy aids, topical & internal pain relievers/analgesics, anti-diarrheals, laxatives, acid controllers
  • Health and Beauty Aids: skin care/acne, bath & body, hair and styling, dental hygiene, baby products, shaving, feminine hygiene and contraception
  • Ear/Eye: swimmers ear, noise ear plugs, contact preparations, redness/allergy relief, readers and sunglasses
  • Cough Drops and Throat Lozenges
  • First Aid: bandaids, dressings/bandages, anti-infection, hot/cold therapy
  • Supports: braces, orthopedic aids, athletic braces and supports, sports wraps, abdominal supports and belts, support socks/hose
  • Surgical/Hospital Supplies: patient aids for daily living, bathroom safety aids, ostomy, incontinence products, wheelchair & commode rentals
  • Diabetes Care: diagnostic and monitoring kits and supplies, vitamin/skin care
  • Smoking Cessation: nicotine patches and gum
  • Foot Care: anti-fungal, cushions, inserts, foot grooming
  • Sleep and Snoring Aids: OTC sleep aids, anti-snoring devices, CPAP supplies

Meet Our Pharmacists

Josephine Griffin Pharmacist
Josephine Griffin
Degree from Albany College of Pharmacy

Josephine is a life-long resident of the Hudson Valley. She graduated from Wallkill Central School District and received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Albany College of Pharmacy.

Josephine enjoys cooking, baking, gardening, and spending time with her husband, 2 growing boys, and her dog Chase. She has been with Dedrick’s for over 20 years and is a dedicated pharmacist.

Dan Mackey Pharmacist
Dan Mackey
Degree from Albany College of Pharmacy

Dan is originally from Long Island. After spending time in the beautiful Hudson Valley Dan moved upstate where he now lives with his wife and children.

Dan received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Albany College of Pharmacy Vermont Campus and has worked in pharmacy for over 10 years. He is very passionate about being a pharmacist, specifically being a patient advocate. He is always willing to go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service.

Dan is always good for a joke and keeps his colleagues entertained throughout the day with his “dad jokes” and witty humor.

Steve Moyik Pharmacist
Steve Moyik
Degree from St. John’s University College of Pharmacy

Steve grew up in the Bronx, NY, and graduated with his Pharmacy degree from St. John’s University in Queens, NY. Steve has been a retail Pharmacist for over 30 years and has built a reputation as a caring, conscientious pharmacist and a strong patient advocate. He is known as a natural storyteller and keeps those around him entertained and always laughing.

Having grown up in New York City, Steve found refuge in the outdoors and open spaces of the Hudson Valley. Steve has been a resident of the Hudson Valley for over 20 years where he lives with his wife and two sons. Steve enjoys being outdoors, hiking, and exploring the area’s natural beauty. In addition, you can always find him doing odd jobs such as fixing machines, working on home improvement projects, or playing the guitar alongside his drum-playing son.

Jared Nekos Pharmacist/Owner
Jared Nekos
Degree from Albany College of Pharmacy

Jared is a pharmacist and the owner of Dedrick’s.

Jared is a life-long resident of the Hudson Valley. He graduated from Rondout Valley High School and received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Albany College of Pharmacy Vermont Campus.

Jared is a 3rd generation pharmacist and 4th generation business owner. He lives in Kingston with his wife and 4 children. He loves serving the greater New Paltz area and loves interacting with the patients and customers who make Dedrick’s so special!